Sunday, October 14, 2007

LYS on a Sunday

I am just so pleased that Jessica Knits is open on Sunday. So pleased in fact that I bought yarn for two projects. The brightly colored yarn I'm drooling over is for the Surface-Woven Tote from bagSTLYE.

This yarn:

Will become this:

The pale yarn is for the Linen Tube Clutch. (Not the pattern yarn but I'm hoping the variegation will make up for the loss of sheen.) It's actually not that pale, the photo's a bit washed out. It's more of a soothing yellow.

This yarn:

Will resemble this:

Hmmm I think I just figured out why I splurged at the yarn store. The baby jacket is tedious. I've knit another 3 or 4 rows since yesterday's post. The baby blanket is frustrating although the LYS provided encouragement on the bullion knots. They are still driving me nuts. And my FFBE bag is done! Gone!

At least one of these bags will make it to the needles tonight!

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lauriec said...

Any yarn shop that is open on Sunday has got to be good IMHO! I always joke that if DH & I win the lottery I will open one that is open on Sundays.

Love the tote---it's going to be gorgeous!