Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Baby Appointment #2

I should get this down before #3 tomorrow...

About a month ago, our second appointment was the first with the OB so we waited. A lot. They called us almost immediately into the room but we waited. Not a big deal because we were talking and laughing and generally having our usual good time.

At this point I forget most of the conversation but I will never forget G getting antsy and bored. He started by getting up to snag the cool pen I wanted, tested it on a paper towel and then I saw the devious sparkle in his eye. "Throw it in the trash, don't stuff it back in the dispenser!" That was funny enough but then he started singing into the "hoo hoo light." Oh, God I laughed so hard I cried. I just KNEW the doctor was going to open the door to that. "Hi! We're your new patients!" No, we had plenty more time to .... open the door and do it again!!! Punk songs by the way. I think it was "Richard Hung Himself" or something just as disturbing to the passersby.

It got so hot and stuffy in the room after 45 minutes. G opened the door and promptly threatened to talk to the staff and patients walking the hall. Oh, no, please don't. We have to keep coming back to this office and they WILL remember us. He took a trip to the restroom out of boredom. Oh, and we had stopped for coffee beforehand. I suppose that could explain the goofiness. He returned and actually took post at the doorway. I was a little scared - no talking to the staff, please. Antsy had now become polite irritation and as a nurse walked by, "Hi!" with dimples gleaming. Oh, no. This is it. And in walked the OB. Thank goodness.

G admitted later on that it might have taken 55 minutes to get to irritated aka level 1, and only 30 seconds to level 2 which was talking to the poor staff, but milliseconds straight to level 10. That's G and that's punk. I've never seen level 10 only heard the tales. We'll see what tomorrow brings.