Wednesday, October 31, 2007


One of the first knitting groups I joined was a Yahoo group, Bag-A-Holic. Repeatedly it's been a terrific resource (handles, hardware, instruction) But that's also how I learned of the Fall Felted Bag Exchange. Yay! Had so much fun with that :) ....Anyway, today someone posted a link to lining your bag. Just in time for my first one! Fabric is on it's way from Reprodepot and handles from Somerset Designs (which BTW the agent responding to email orders, possibly the owner, had no idea they were mentioned in the book as the source for the handles. Good for them!)

So while I wait, my bag is in a partial state of blocking. I only got one piece down after figuring out that the plastic blocking pins I bought bend. Useless. Hopefully the LYS will accept a return. I'm just using regular sewing pins now. I know there's the potential for rust, but my bag is essentially rust-colored and because it's wool I don't want to inadvertently felt it.

Further to the semi-disappointment of yesterday's blocking trouble, I broke a needle. I JUST BOUGHT THEM. Supposedly hardwood. Snapped like a twig. I know, size 4 but puhleez! $14 bucks is $14 bucks! LYS? I'll check with their policy. I'm on their "good customer" list after last weekend. Not because I'm keeping them in the black but because I returned a book that I didn't buy.

Funny (embarrassing) story - I had my BagStyle book with me to get the right yarn and needles for my two bags. I forgot I put it away in my purse and then went to go over some techniques with the saleslady. She handed me a book and took another for herself and together we looked up bullion knots. (Ugh.) Her book had the info and as I looked on with her, my book felt like it was getting in the way. Ta Dah! Here's my mistake! That quickly in my confused, little (big) head it turned into my BagStyle book and I put it away in my purchase bag. Figured it out at home and felt like such an idiot. And completely embarrassed. I finally had a chance to go back and sheepishly handed her the book. "I will buy it. It left the store. I understand. I feel stupid." Blabber, blabber. She was so thankful the book came back because she couldn't remember what she did with it. All me. I'm the one that lost her head. Sorry for YOUR confusion. I didn't end up buying the book. She was so kind giving me an out, "if you don't need it now you can always come back and get it when you do." I love Jessica Knits :)


Anonymous said...

Honesty always pays....I've done stupid stuff but worse. Calling the police from your hospital office to report parking violations per my engineering department. My car was one of them that was ticketed......Or better yet calling your LYS to complain why aren't they open it's Tuesday when it's really Monday....

Kati said...

Thanks for the link to how to line a bag. It will be so helpful! I'm working on a noni bag currently and am attempting to improve my self-taught lining skills.

Also- thanks for the compliments on the needle cases and bacardi sweater. It's so nice to have encouragement along the way -especially with what has started to feel like the endless sweater. :o)