Monday, October 22, 2007

First Track Day

Fun Fun weekend! Friday and Saturday were spent getting everything together for going to the track. U-Haul couldn't fix the taillights they messed up when installing the hitch on the Volvo wagon so we got a good deal on a pickup. Picked up stickers, tie-downs, t-shirts, water cooler and other little odds and ends. Cooked up some food, packed the truck and got to bed early.

Track day - Sunday we got up at 4am so that we could get to the track before the gates opened at 6. Good pit placement is very helpful - this time we got an electrical outlet so we didn't have to use the generator. Unload, set up, racer's meeting. Initial lap times were slow because the track started out really slick but as the rubber got laid down on the track it got more grip. BF was so happy to be out on the track. I watched his times improve and his form get better. As the day went on it got really windy which makes it hard to ride a bike. Imagine your car on the freeway at 65mph getting pushed by the wind. Worse for a bike but even worse when the bike is going 150mph. No crashes to speak of but we were waiting for word from Daytona where the rest of the guys were racing. One guy went down really hard - his bike was taken back to the pits but he wasn't. Thankfully it turned out to be a concussion and bruising. The ambulance had taken him as a precautionary measure because he probably got knocked out. Our day finally came to a close - packed up and made it home by 5pm. Exhausted but happy. I love watching my BF get into his racing and I love being there to help and support. Next track day is next weekend!

***Oh, I took my knitting just in case but there really wasn't enough down time to break it out. Sunday night I finished the second side of my tote and casted on for the sides and bottom. Starting to get a little worried about lining and blocking....

Zuma - I took one trip on the Zuma to confirm tire pressure with the dealer. He laughed a little because our discussion when he set up G's tires was something to the effect of, "Write this down so I don't have to tell you repeatedly like most guys." What happened? I transposed some numbers. I tried - good intentions. My ride over was okay, but the ride back was a little shaky. Laughed at myself the whole way. I would have ridden lots more but the photographer kept taking our scooter out to different turns on the track. Which brings me to ...

Professional photos - Better pics will be coming this week. Without the Zuma I only had a clear shot of one corner. I took the one here of two of the guys we pitted with - Danny and Wil. Actually, the high-speed pics are really hard to take with my camera and for the most part I didn't even know who was in my pics. Let alone get a shot with two friends AND for whatever reason, catch Wil looking over at Danny. But at least this pic shows you what track days look like.

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Kirsty said...

Wow- that's amazing! I've never been to anything like that.
Oh- and I'm very honoured to be an inspiration for vintage fabric linings. hurrah!