Friday, October 10, 2008

He's Here! 17 Days Early and Perfect :)


10:11am, September 24th, 2008

9lbs 7oz, 22in

Jack was born 17 days ahead of his due date because of pre-eclampsia. I went through 22 hours of labor but honestly the epidural made all the difference - no pain, I was just tired. Because we didn't have any progress in the last two hours, the best thing for both of us was a c-section. Everything went well with the surgery. Dad stayed behind the curtain with me (I don't blame him. Gross!). We spent 5 days in the hospital and it was a wonderful experience. The staff was amazing but I was anxious to get home.

We've finally settled in with a little help from my sister. She came down from Salt Lake to render her assistance. I was very thankful for her help - she's a pro at cleaning and organizing. No kids of her own but you don't need them for that kind of help.

My parents will be coming down in a couple weeks. Can't wait to see them and they are anxious to meet their second grandchild. They're bringing a car/walker thing that my 15mo old nephew has grown out of. It's a little advanced for Jack right now but he'll be ready for it soon enough. Mom asked what kind of projects I had for them to help with when they're down here. Usually they help landscape, fix things around the house, etc. but DH is really good at that stuff so I don't really have any projects. Soooo I think I'll ask Mom to help me finish my Surface Woven Tote :) (my Ravelry link) Maybe some other UFOs or start up some Baby Surprise Jackets. I found The Opinionated Knitter at her favorite yarn store, Main Street Yarns, when I was visiting just a few weeks before Jack was born.

QUESTION: Malabrigo Club

Question for you eat.sleep.knit followers:

Did anyone see today's email about the Malabrigo club? 12 months, $36/mo...What do you think? I love Malabrigo but this club thing is new to me. Has anyone ever joined these clubs? I'm considering it even though little Jack has arrived (I'll post pics soon)