Saturday, October 13, 2007

Trudging Along

This is the piece that's been keeping me busy. It's knit so tight and probably on needles that are too small. The yarn has no give whatsoever - not happy yarn. Doesn't feel good to knit. The list goes on. Why am I knitting it then? Well, I'm only 16 more rows to the waist band, a little bit of finishing and then it's a baby sweater. I started it up ooooh maybe 7 years ago. I know why I abandoned it, but just buck up Urs and finish.

**Just committed to going out tonight. I'll knit tomorrow.


Justshajam said...

It's the fact that you finish the project not how long it takes you to finish it. I'm impressed though-I would have ripped it out a 100 times and reknit it.

Channon said...

Good for you! I haven't even been knitting quite a year, but I think it's impressive that you went back and finished it.

Thanks for the comments on my blog too! There's nothing like a wristlet or tiny bag for a night out!