Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Closure for the Closure

Although I would have preferred a magnetic snap closure, I'm happy with how the toggle will look on the bag. I figured the darker one would look best, but I got both - many more bags to come! In response to my posted plea for help, Aunt Peggy suggested many ways to close the bag. Obviously I'm going with the button method, but I took what she said as, "Urs, just finish it. It's not rocket science." Casting aside my hesitation, it'll be done tonight.

Coincidentally, the toggles look like the crescent rolls my other aunt used to make every Thanksgiving. I'd request them if I were going home for the holidays and if I hadn't removed gluten from my diet. mmmm ... unrolling them ... buttery goodness ... stuffed like a pig.

Oh, yes. I am a little behind on sending this out. I'll see if G can stop by his favorite shipping store tomorrow AFTER I get to take pictures.

BTW picture quality is lacking here. G took my camera tonight so he could document the tear down of his new bike. The quality isn't THAT bad for a camera phone.

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