Thursday, October 18, 2007

Progress on the Tote

This is the front of the tote. I've casted on for the back and will hopefully get to the sides and bottom this weekend too. The pic turned out a bit orange, but you can see the texture. What you can't really see are the purls amongst the knits. The little purl knobs will be where the surface weaving will take place. I'll use three strands of the darkest color, wine. I love it so far! Easy going too. Four strands of Nashua wool on size 13 needles. F-F-Fast!

So fast that I started to get worried about the lining. I don't sew. Don't have a machine yet. But while I was reading Polly's blog I was inspired by her recent winnings - cool fabric! I found a site recommended by a good friend, Lorena, years ago when she bought fabric so her mom could make her curtains. Great retro prints of all flavors - Reprodepot Be sure to check out the sale fabric and the purses they're selling. Love 'em!

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Kirsty said...

Ah, Reprodepot! How I wish they shipped to the UK (actually, I haven't checked for a while, they might have changed that.)

You should be fine hand-sewing the lining for a bag, it's not too many stitches (also, if you've not sewn much, it can be nice to go at person speed rather than machine speed! I used to get really freaked out by how fast it went.)