Saturday, October 27, 2007

No Going Back

I finally dug down deep and got the ball rolling on the finishing touches for my Surface-Woven Tote. I cast off the third and final piece about an hour ago.
  • A neutral lining material ordered from Reprodepot (plus extra fabrics just for fun...all on clearance. Score!)
  • Handles - Started the order process with the company suggested in the book. I looked around briefly on a couple other sites, but I'm kind of picky and fell IN LOVE with the handles pictured in the book.
  • And finally, a totally unrelated on-line pattern for a felted vase. store my needles :)
Today's other purchases:
  • Size 4 Rosewood needles, straights (starting the linen tube clutch tonight)
  • Another felting book with another vase pattern, Knit it! Felt it!
  • Blocking pins, orange and yellow plastic. Not really my style (plastic) but I want to get this blocked TODAY.

If I'm quick enough here I can get to the blocking before we have to leave. Tomorrow's another track day but this time we're staying overnight in a friend's toy hauler. Somewhat hard to picture but it's like a 5th wheel trailer where the rear is one big drop-down gate. The bike and scooter (the "toys") roll right in, living quarters in the front. Oh, and this morning we picked up our third run of our RunGP T-shirts we'll sell at the track and sport bike shops here in AZ.

A few last comments on blocking:
  1. This is my first time blocking.
  2. I know myself and I know I will not be able to leave it alone while drying.
  3. I know myself and I know I will not be able to wait for it to finish drying.
That is why I need to run go block the tote and hurry and pack.

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