Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crazy Knitting Dream

Starting somewhere near the end, here you go: I put down my plastic grocery bag which contained a knitting project, my new Palm Centro phone and a sub sandwich. I went back down the street to get my mom and sister who were lagging but when we got to the bag it was gone. I was looking around for it on the sly as we entered the bank/hospital. Who would take my knitting? Who would WANT my knitting? We get to the empty classroom to wait for something and one of the nurses asked me what was wrong. I flipped out. Seriously. Flying around the room and screaming like a banshee. Yes, literally flying. Flew out into the lobby for some more screaming to a new audience and eventually got back to my feet. (I'm astonished I didn't start screaming in my sleep.)

All because I couldn't find my knitting bag. At one point I even screamed, "It's 90% completed!!!" (Ravelry influence). Notice this was all because of my knitting. I hadn't even realized that my new fancy dancy phone was missing too. Later on in the dream I asked a lost and found clerk and she pulled out a sub. "Uh, here. You can have this one." I didn't care about a freaking sub!

On to reality, there's been some requests for this really cute picture of Jack ;) At 9 wks he's 14lbs 3oz, but here he is at 7 wks when grandma and grandpa were visiting:

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Baby Knits Modeled

Jack was particularly alert and peaceful the other day so I decided to push my luck.

Cute bib where I "altered" the pattern. (Messed up but went with it.)

The first bib I made for Jack.

Mitts suitable for chewing.

I wish I could get pics of the Sartje's Booties but they're too small! They'll be a baby gift I guess - going to a baby the doesn't come from a family of massive babies. My three sisters and I were all on the big side, my sister's baby was 9lbs 11oz, even G was a big boy.

My beach blanket is back to the forefront! I'm so excited. I really love this blanket and I love knitting it. Why I put it away, I don't remember but I do vaguely remember switching out the needles for the Lizard Ridge. A minor set-back but one that was keeping me from my project. So anyway, I fixed the needles and showed Mom how to knit Continental style. She had found a cute pattern at Joann's that she wanted to knit but it had a seed stitch border. "Ew," she said. So I taught her on the blanket and she practiced for a row. I may have to give another lesson at Christmas if I go up to visit. No biggie. It took me a while until it felt comfortable.

AND I helped Mom set up her Ravelry account. I've talked about mine for a while, even mentioned it at one of her yarn stores which struck up a side conversation. Then a couple weeks ago she went to some sort of gathering and complimented a woman on her scarf. She found the pattern on Ravelry! (or something like that) And that's how it all began. Mom is on Ravelry. Now for Mom's sister and my knitting sister...

Mom and Dad left Friday morning :( It was so nice to see them. The first time I went to feed Jack Mom ran to the couch to get comfortable. "Oh! I'll feed him!" And that was just the beginning. I didn't get to see Jack until they left LOL! Their visit was short but we had a great time finding all the baby consignment shops in the area. Wow are they ever FUN!!! Lots of great stuff, decent prices and three locations that are way too convenient. Thank you for everything Mom and Dad!