Monday, October 15, 2007

FFBE Weekly Question #4

What was your favorite Halloween costume ever - for you? for your kids, if you have them?

My favorite costume was in college. A group of us dressed up as the Village People, I was the cowboy. (Was there really a cowboy?) We all added fake black mustaches and the guys at the parties complained we weren't cute enough. Our reply, "So what?"

No kids of my own but my younger sister once dressed up as Rainbow Brite. Mom broke out the sewing machine to tackle the tough project and it was perfect. Just as good as the pattern pic. The two completed costume pics here aren't nearly as good as Jess's costume. She was so cute. Bouncy blonde curls - she had the best costume by far.

Why did you enjoy it so much? Do you still dress up now? Chat a bit about your traditions for dressing up on All Hallow's Eve!

The only reason I enjoyed that one costume was because I was part of a group and we picked out our costumes together. I don't like to be singled out and I am uncomfortable as the center of attention. (Not that I would be necessarily but I would feel like it, singled out.) I tend toward introversion so costumes just aren't for me.

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