Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Recovery in Sight

I'm almost back at 100%! Latest blood test for thyroid and B12 showed I was low but not outside of the norm. We revised my supplement regime for thyroid support and B complex. (B vites always make me puke. OF COURSE I wasn't taking them!) I should be full time at work next week and going back to the gym (light duty). Yay! Two depressing months but they're over!

The weirdest part of this sloooow recovery was how little things would occur to me indicating I was getting better. The signs went something like this: I could actually think about work, then I could think creatively, I wanted to wear heels, I want to wear make up, oh the A/C's too cold. Last indicator this past weekend was, "I want to go visit the family in Seattle." They were more like revelations. Every few days it was something new; I'm talking BABY steps. My first big illness (besides pneumonia) and we never reached a firm diagnosis. I guess I'll refer to it as adrenal exhaustion, that at least encompasses most of the symptoms.

Couple things I learned:
  1. Always take someone with you into the doctor's office. The first couple visits I forgot so many details it was ridiculous. No matter if I'm of sound mind - I will always bring someone.
  2. A naturopathic doctor is worth the extra money. I actually knew she was listening to all the crazy, seemingly unrelated symptoms and not repeating in her head, "Cuckoo, cuckoo." AND she understood my dietary choices AND provided insight into the symptoms. (The high cholesterol is related to the thyroid and my (mild) eczema episodes are due to a gluten sensitivity which presents itself when my estrogen is low during my cycle.)

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