Wednesday, October 17, 2007

If I Raced a Motorcycle

This is what I would look like:

This weekend is my bf's first practice weekend on his new bike. Sure to be lots of fun for both of us. Probably more fun for him, but I like the guys there and maybe there will be some girlfriends. And of course I love seeing him so happy doing his thing.

I requested some more practice sessions on the Zuma (scooter) before I look foolish in the pits this weekend. Seriously. I didn't grow up around motorized anything. My one... oh wait, two instances that demonstrate my potential for cluelessness on a motorized vehicle ...
  • At a cider pressing party I was one of the older kids (~16) and was asked to drive the tractor full of kids and apples back to the house. No biggie. I was already doing practice drives in the family Buick. I pulled up to the house amidst all the parents, everyone unloaded and I just sat there. Motor running, older people smiling at me. The moment became uncomfortably long and I vaguely recall someone saying, "just turn it off." Oh right, simply turn the key off. Don't know what else I thought there was to do but I was being watched so I froze.
  • One snowy winter vacation in Montana at the house of family friends, I was last in line to drive the snowmobile around the track which went around the house. Because I was last and it was bone-chilling cold, everyone went inside. I was left circling the house again and again to the point of boredom. I had no idea how to turn it off. I don't recall how my session finally ended but I'm sure somebody rescued me. (I choked on my tea tonight when I remembered this one.)
So, yes, practice sessions tonight included turning the Zuma off and on. Now I just have to perfect getting it up on to its stand. Apparently it's easy but I'm still struggling.


Kirsty said...

Haha! The snowmobile story is priceless!

Reminds me of the only method of stopping skiing I know: run into something (I've only been the once...)

Gianni said...

I keep trying to tell get the Zuma on the stand...pretend you are pulling the door open to a "FREE all you want" Yarn store. :)