Saturday, August 18, 2007

Two Bears

Here they are! Can you guess which one I knit first? Yep, the one that's barely felted. White doesn't felt well to begin with, but please, it's double the size! Mama Bear and Baby Bear. Mama Bear was completed about 5 years ago, Baby Bear is a newbie - just a couple months old :)

I love the pattern despite it's mistakes because I make plenty of my own. But shoot! It's felted and thereby hiding just about everything. Ahh ... felting.

I found the pattern in Easy Knitting, winter 2002. The LYS didn't have the exact wool yarn for the white one so I got something close. The second strand was a mohair. The orange is leftover Cascade I borrowed from my mom when she felted slippers. No second strand on that one and I think I like it better.

Baby Bear was knit for my very first nephew, Caleb. He was born over a month ago but I'll be taking it with me when I see him for the very first time at the end of this month. Auntie Ursy comes bearing gifts! Big White stays with me. Maybe Lucy will like it.

There's a story behind the orange.... Some other day. The A/C is out again (9th time this summer) and I'm HOT. I think a nice matinee sounds good.


Miss Me said...

love the bears! hmmm... need to go see if i have (and can find) that issue of easy knitting.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh... those are so sweet! You mentioned that you had a few problems that were hidden in the felting. What kinds of problems if you don't mind my asking?

Jessica said...

Wow, damn, those are cute! Do they have names? Flounder and Smee, perhaps? Ana, Jim, M, D, Caleb (wasn't really into it) and I watched some awesome home videos last night. Fr performed her infamous "Chubby" routine, to the delight of the loves the bears.

Anonymous said...

Those are adorable!!! I would love to get the pattern from you, if you feel like sharing.

Ursula said...

Thanks so much! They are so much fun to knit.

Problems? Mostly my inexperience BUT in the pattern, one of the paws is turned in. I think its the white rear paw you can see in the pic. Somehow on the orange I ended up with holes after felting. No clue. All in all they turn out fine. I see a few more on the horizon ;)