Sunday, August 26, 2007

24 Hours Into The Fall Felted Bag Exchange

Yarn: Lamb's Pride worsted in Chocolate Souffle, Trendsetter Yarns' Muse - a thicker mohair

I'm afraid this piece is going to be a LOT smaller than the pattern indicates. Surely my error. But aside from that the yarn knits up beautifully and feels great. The pattern is cute although I'm not going to needle felt the sheep appliqué. I'll probably end up knitting all the side pockets - can't have too many pockets!

You can't really tell in the pic, but I'm one row into the body of the purse. The pattern started with a rectangle for the bottom and then it said "Rotate work. Do not turn." What did I do? Why I joined in the round of course! OF COURSE!!! So a row into that mistake I realized there was no way it was going to become a purse. Maybe it was late. Maybe I was distracted by the Couture fight on UFC. Eh. I just need more experience.

Speaking of inexperience, within the first 24 hours I've already given out my name to my upstream. Yay! Like I say, I like to think I can ________ (fill in the blank)

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Dorothy said...

The colors of the yarns are just lovely!