Saturday, August 25, 2007

The Perils of Desert Living

Ahhhh ... The A/C is finally fixed. How long did this go on? About 11 weeks. Actually it was off and on during that time period, but if I had to guess, we were probably completely out of A/C for 4 weeks total. Yeah. It was 110 in the house last week. But it is OVER! Now I can get back to knitting.

A few years ago I mentioned to a friend, new to knitting, that I don't knit much in the summer because I get so hot. She comically retorted, "Why? Do you knit so fast your needles catch on fire?" Oh, Sunny, you still make me laugh. First thing on the list - bullion knots on Lucy's blanket. Stripes are done (the easy part).

OTN: Blanket, yoga bag, baby sweater

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