Friday, August 17, 2007

Lucy's Bunny

I worked on this little guy for too long. Or rather it sat on my needles for too long. I was 1/4 of an ear short on yarn. Argh. So as I drove past yarn store after super yarn store, there it sat. Stuffed, ear-less, tail-less and face-less. Neck-less too - take that cute little bow off and there is NO neck. I was a tad ashamed of the project (another reason I ignored it) until the neck appeared.

Back to the yarn deficiency - The yarn is a nice deep purple chenille ... until you get to the back of one of the ears. I'd had just about enough of all my partial projects and I could only find black. Yep. I did it and it's done.

The pattern was written for Plymouth Yarn's Oh My! but for some reason I used that thin chenille. Oh my how difficult that stuff is - no give whatsoever. I recommend Oh My. Trust me. Chenille is doable, but not worth it. I'll bet that would solve the "see through" problem in the picture. Next time I'll stuff with something closer in color.

OTN: baby blanket for Lucy, baby jacket for Lucy, yoga bag

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Jessica said...

This project reminds me of a mass teddy bear sew-off I did in high school. It was an ambitious little project that the whole [sewing] class was supposed to contribute bears to donate to kids somewhere. Somehow my friend and I ended up being responsible for doing them all...but we both have difficulties with vague due dates.

So, after a year or so we guilted ourselves into making a couple garbage bags full. My point: They all kind of looked like warped star fish until we strangled them with ribbon and forced a neck out of their bodies.