Saturday, December 1, 2007

Contest Alert / Rainy Weekend

I was reading Knit'inCrazee's blog this afternoon and she sent me over here for a little contest. The Lady Knits is celebrating her 1 year knitting anniversary. Send her congrats on some great projects and take a look at the prizes and yarn - Yummy!

Finally letting up but it's been rain, rain, rain for two days straight here. A lot like Seattle. I think the gray skies are making me sleepy. I almost fell asleep in the car on the way back from getting one of G's tires swapped for tomorrow's track day. Last track day before next weekend's race.

Project for this weekend is a beanie which about an hour ago became a swatch/headband. My purls are laddering on the right-hand side. So while I continue to knit and figure out the purl problem, I'll cast off when it reaches headband size. I'll also be able to check gauge/sizing to see whose big head it will fit. Back up project: Caleb's baby bell bottoms.

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