Thursday, December 6, 2007

Doc Says

Well, just one day shy of four months and I have a preliminary diagnosis - Fibromyalgia. Yep, four months of wondering, reading, documenting, knitting and resting. Doesn't sound so bad except sometimes my hands hurt too much to knit. A few other complaints but really I feel a lot better with a diagnosis. Rather than poking around aimlessly, I now have a path to follow. Two weeks more and we'll see if the blood tests find anything else.

Speaking of poking - Damn! The Rheumatologist went through the pressure point exam, got to my hips and asked if it hurt. No? I couldn't tell. Two hours later I was almost crying. That's one of the things with fibro. You hurt where you get touched... and not right away and not every time. Without rhyme or reason. That was an eye opener! Or rather, wincer. Yikes! Still hurts today even :s

And special thanks are long overdue. Gianni has been wonderful through all of this stuff. I don't know how I'd do it without him. He goes to all the appointments with me. Reminds me to rest. Makes sure I eat when I'm so tired I can't think to do it myself. Turns on the little space heater every morning so I get an extra 2 hours of sleep. Seriously, so many little things that it's hard to keep up with it all and thank him. And yes, he makes me laugh so I can forget about hurting or laugh about being sick. I'm incredibly lucky he's in my life and I've never been happier. I'd do the same for him in a heartbeat but pray that we're never faced with that.

I love you, Gianni!


lauriec said...

Big hugs!! I had a friend who had it & it was horrible for her at first.

km said...

More hugs!!! My cousin has this. And we've done a symtom check and I probably do to...just I don't want to talk to a Dr. about it. It's when M touches my back, and I cry, and he was barely touching me. Anyways...B's greatest find was eating like a hypoglocemic. Did I spell that right. Her best trick is an apple. Somedays she eats 2 (morning and afternoon). You'll find what works for you. And's great to have a you have something to shoot for.

Gianni said...

What the hell is "French fries Malaysia" anyway?


Justshajam said...

Your guy is so funny! I'm glad you know what it is now. Did you see our crazy surf the last few days?

Channon said...

Wow. My sister got the same diagnosis last week. As I told her, knowing is half the battle. Good wishes! She's already responding well to whatever meds they put her on, so I hope the same for you!