Monday, December 3, 2007

Slow Knitting Track Day

Yesterday was the last track day before the end of the season race. Cold. Cold. Cold. Thankfully the rain had stopped in time for the track to dry out. Good day - only one crash to speak of but it was two riders. One was knocked out and broke her arm, the other broke his collar bone. They always brought in the helicopter for knockouts because of potential head injuries. Healing wishes go out to her.

Knitting. Early in the morning I casted off the beanie at the size of a headband. (No pic, not worth it.) This was my first shot at a beanie and my first project substituting 2 circs for DPNs. I really like the 2 needle method although I wish they were shorter (24 and 36 inches is overkill). Next I'll see about magic loop. My headband is reminiscent of my first projects - laddering, weird looking purls, wavy ribbing. Not sure what my problem is but that project/swatch is in the books!! I'll cast on again tonight for a beanie this time :) Why so slow? I just couldn't keep my eyes open. I fell asleep twice in fold-up camping chairs. The first nap was early in the morning with the heater blazing under the circus tent awning with zip up sides. Just me and the bikes sleeping away. My second nap was in the chair circle with everybody sitting around! I'm not really a day sleeper and that is sooo out of character for me. The rest of the day I just wasn't motivated to move. (Going to the rheumatologist this week.)

The guys are getting ready for the Zuma race next weekend. Getting anxious actually. Over the course of the day we bumped tires with other Zumas, exchanged threatening grimaces, etc. and as this all got more aggressive, my front fender became a casualty. This fun little race has been dubbed "Zumassacre." Get the picture now? No points, no contingency money, possiblity of injury BEFORE the day is done. BEFORE the points race is over. Racers are a unique bunch.

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