Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Cryptic Gift Breakdown

There's so much to think about these days, a list is the best way for me to omit confusion:

  • I casted on for Jess's object. I only have one skein and just realized I probably need two. Unless I make it shorter, she's not that tall after all ...
  • Finished Ana's object - I think it might be too short, she's a tall one. Needles and spare yarn already in the Seattle Box.
  • Haven't touched Francie's - I'm saving it for the plane and the weekend in Seattle. She doesn't arrive until after I leave so I am using that extra time.
  • Mom's is done but I think I'll make a matching piece for her.
  • Trying not to think about the three man gifts until Jess's is done.
  • No idea what to do for Dad.

Okay, it's laid out in front of me. I still think I have enough time to get all this done. Oops! Caleb's pants! Darn it! I'm pushing it now...

Yay! I just got an email telling me I won a Debbie Bliss book. (I panicked the instant the email came through. Ebay? I bought something? Oh no. How much did I spend?) Apparently there's a purse in there that looks like a new JCrew design. I can control myself. I will wait until after the gift knitting.

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km said...

I love that J.Crew purse. You'll need the new Greyson purse handles. I'm sure your LYS will carry them...or they probably already do. Mine got them in during October. I bought a purple set for a bag that just needs to be felted. I may have been crazy thinking I could knit another scarf right now. OTN, I have a vest for me, a sweater for me, fingerless mitts, a scarf, and socks for the kids. And I just bought 2 new patterns. Crazy I know. I'll be hoping that your hands work quickly on all that gift knitting.