Saturday, November 17, 2007

Trader Joe's

I haven't been in forever but yesterday I finally went to Trader Joe's and FORGOT the granola!!! Kristen has talked it up and I was looking forward to trying it! I remembered everything else (and more.) A few bottles of wine in anticipation of "Two Wheel Tuesday." (We're hosting the racer's get together next week - I'll explain more next week.) I found three different blends of Rooibos tea that I'll have to try tomorrow because we also found a nice decaf coffee. I know, there's decaf coffee everywhere but we were looking for organic. The doctor said if I'm going to drink any coffee I can make decaf organic but only every once in a while.

Thankfully we'll be going back more regularly. As a San Diego native, my bf likes the store. I just don't go because it's off the regular route. Within a couple miles but off the freeway. Okay, ridiculously close. My excuse is lame.

Hoping to make it to my LYS today to find yarn for the My So-Called Scarf. I have two sisters that would appreciate the warmth and/or design. They don't read my blog so I'm safe as far as Christmas gifts are concerned.

Yesterday was a big finishing day - I'll post pics later today.

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km said...

I've tried 2 more flavors of the granola now. If you get to TJ's and yours doesn't carry that...let me know and I'll send you a bag. I need to go pick up some things there too. My new find is not so glueton free. The JoeJoe's...they have a peppermint one with tiny pieces of candycane in them. My kids were so excited. We just sampled them from my mom. I know I'll have kids over for cocoa and cookies...and those will probably be gone from the shelves soon. I finished the ascot last night. =0) I hope my computer will cooperate so I can show off the FO. I've been wanting to start a MSCS too. Should we do our own KAL?