Thursday, September 6, 2007

Destination Encinitas

Heading out on a road trip tomorrow. I'm so excited! I really need a vacation about now. My only trips this summer were work related so even though I went to Orlando it was in no way restful and not even close to qualifying as a vacation.

Ahhh an ocean breeze, cool ocean water, watching my sweetie surf. I'll definitely get in the water but with my health these days I won't be exerting myself. Yeah, the doctor doesn't really know what it is so I'm seeing a Naturopath. I seem to be making progress but I still can't work a full day. Resting is just not my style so this has been really hard on me. The company I work for ordered me to "go have fun" so that's what I'm doing. I'm truly thankful for their understanding nature.

If I've got this mobile blogging thing right, I'll post some pics. I'd best be getting to packing. We're leaving at 4am - early so we can have morning coffee overlooking the beach.

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