Monday, September 17, 2007

A Bag and a Dream

My goal this weekend was to finish the knitting part of my FFBE bag. I came sooo close but last night I was too tired to finish the last pocket. I was somewhat disappointed that I didn't finish but only 25 stockinette rows with 15 stitches per row wasn't going to take me long. (I've already finished this morning.)

Apparently in my mind it was a much bigger deal because I had a dream that I failed my first swap. Missed the deadlines, didn't get the right stuff into the package, didn't HAVE a package. I was pretty sad in my dream but now it's funny. I think that was my first knitting dream! LOL

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Dorothy said...

Last week, I dreamed that I forgot to make my bag altogether! It's not my first knitting dream though. One night, while visiting my parents, my littlest one wound up sleeping with me. I kept dreaming that I was knitting him, and he kept rolling in the wrong direction, so I had to unknit him. I woke up exhausted!