Tuesday, March 4, 2008

PMS Anyone?

Nobody really, but how about when it stands for "Promote My Shop?" That's what I thought - intriguing, so here it is:

I read about NH Knitting Mama's PMS contest on her blog practically a week ago (okay it was only Sunday) AND I even bought an awesome skein of her Watermelon fingering weight superwash this weekend at her Etsy shop. It's now almost Wednesday and I haven't told you about it. Go visit her blog before March 9th for the contest details and maybe win some awesome yarn or buy some like I did!

(I couldn't help myself - my first EVER online yarn purchase and first ever Etsy. It has begun...)


NH Knitting Mama said...

Thanks, Ursula! I sent your yarn right out, so you should have it any day.

I appreciate your business and the link on your blog.

Many happy etsy transactions to you - hopefully with me! :-)

I like your blog. I looked around before posting.

knitography said...

Careful - Etsy is addictive!