Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Have Decided

I'm not casting on for another baby item until we know it's sex.

I just finished a bib (pics another day, the camera is upstairs). I don't have much other than white for yarn. Boring. All the blue yarn in my baby yarn bin is deceiving - we don't know if it'll be a boy. And actually, I don't know how I acquired so many blues! They were in my stash YEARS before my nephew was born.

I could knit another bib or washcloth but meh. I'm not interested. I SOOOO want to use my new yarn from NH Knitting Mama but only if it's a girl. So here I wait. I guess I'll work on my Lizard Ridge or Beach Blanket or finish up any number of UFOs like Lucy's Blanket or the Baby Bell Bottoms for my nephew Caleb before he grows out of them. Yeah, he's huge. I'm knitting the 12mo size and he's 8mos right now. His mom and dad are both over six feet tall. He's going to dwarf everyone he meets for the rest of his life.

Okay, maybe I'll knit this one when I enhance my stash with some bright contrasting colors.


km said...

Those baby bell bottoms might be for you. At 12 months' all my HUGE kids were wearing 24mo. clothing.

Those bib/washcloths look fun. I've seen a FO, but I've never looked at the pattern.

Dorothy said...

Knit something cute in blue! If it's a girl, add cute, girly buttons! (And then change the buttons if the second one is a boy! Really, buttons make it easy to make either gender items!)

mames said...

i think you could try a baby surprise jacket in a fun color as any baby looks good in them. it is a really fun pattern with lots of shaping and such a treat in the end....fold it up, seam to arms and wa-la!!!