Saturday, March 15, 2008

Finally Some FOs

My second Lizard Ridge square, Noro Silk Garden Lite. Knitting backwards is awesome. (Seriously, it bothers me that I call it a square. I can't figure out what else to call it - section? piece? Rectangle is obviously correct but I can't do it. It's just too ... perfect. I don't know.)

I even used my new technique on the baby bib, just the strap. Easy pattern and cute. As I mentioned, I've looked for other bibs and they're all so boring.

However, I picked up this brightly colored cotton for this bib. If all goes well with the pattern, I'll have multiple bibs in lots of different color combinations. Now that will make the projects interesting. Hats maybe if I get bored with bibs? I'll have to see what yarn that crazy looking cake hat calls for. (can't find the right pattern - I'll keep looking and let you know.)

Mames suggested a baby surprise jacket - that's a definite. Just need the yarn and pattern. Ha! Isn't that always the story? LOL In the meantime I think I'll look for another jacket which can utilize some stash yarn. I found some soft-ish red acrylic (I know) that should work for a unisex project.

Tonight we're watching the Australian Grand Prix. Very exciting race. Or rather chaotic. This is the first race of the season and everybody is rusty, pit crews included.

Tomorrow is a track day...unless it rains. FH's shoulder still isn't quite healed yet. He tore it out of the socket (Yikes!) over a month ago. Sure it bothers him day to day, but last weekend he tried to ride and couldn't finish a lap. The pull of the bike under acceleration pulled at his shoulder and then of course breaking hurt, too. Hopefully he feels better soon. He loves to ride and I love to watch him :)


Gnat said...

I love how the scarf is looking. :)

carole said...

nice colors :-)

and the LR is coming along. I'm on my 6th 'square' but I must have ripped it out 3 times. Hopefully it's on the way now... somehow I pick up an extra stitch somewhere at times...

And knitting backwards rocks! That's how I taught my left handers at school :-D