Saturday, February 23, 2008

Back to Knitting

I finally started knitting again. I don't mean picking up an old project. No, I started something new. And I have pics. Oh yeah.

Second Lizard Ridge Afghan square in Noro Silk Garden Lite

Saartje's Bootees in Patons Grace on size 2. Yay! My first baby project!

My bin of baby yarn for the next project.
I queued a bunch of projects on Ravelry so I'll be spending my evening on Ravelry.

G has been so good to me - making excellent breakfasts, suggesting lunch at Chino Bandido my local favorite (all the while suppressing his ambivalence), and THEN taking me to my all time favorite bargain grocery store, Grocery Outlet! Again, not his favorite but he kept himself occupied while I gleefully browsed. Now I understand it is a possibility that the merchandise is expired or off-brand or whatever. I check all the dates and near exclusively brand name shop. They usually have a surprisingly substantial stock of my favorite natural/organic brands.

My goodies:
Terra Spiced Sweet Potato chips
Kashi cookies
Kashi granola
Cascadian Farms granola
Soy Delicious ice cream bars
Reser's deli salsa (and 2 other random jars)*
Cheese! A cheddar and a jalapeƱo jack

Lots more and I only spent $38. This was my first trip to the one and only Phx location. To be clear, this is not a dollar store. Items are more than a buck soooo that means more pricey groceries can be sold there. AND they have an aisle of health and beauty - I always find Nature's Gate and Alba. If you're curious (or love bargains) and live in CA, AZ, WA or NV, check it out!

*Craving chips and salsa - I finished off G's salsa in 2 days, usually takes him 2 weeks.


Gnat said...

Those booties are SO CUTE!!! I like the Lizard pattern. I've seen that a couple places.

Hope you had a great weekend...welcome back to knitting. :) hehe

Lesley said...

CONGRATS ON THE BABY!! (Yeah, I'm late with it, I've been a bad reader, somehow I missed putting you on my bloglines. I'm caught up now though)
Just wanted to let you know that I received the prize pack this week...will blog about it tomorrow.

Dorothy said...

The booties are too cute! Does all that blue yarn mean a boy?