Monday, February 11, 2008


I have no idea what to knit for the baby. No clue. I like the baby surprise jacket, I want little mitts, hats? What else is there?

Hangup #1 - yarn. I want good yarn but I don't want expensive yarn! The yarn I found in years past at Joann's/Michaels just sucked. I've made many a yarn mistake just grabbing something. Then the colors, they're so blah, pastel. White is good but it gets boring. Is cotton okay? I don't even know.

Hangup #2 - yarn weight. Ugh. They're all so thin they should be interchangeable. Unfortunately I've learned that's not true. The projects are so small that it REALLY matters. Leading to ...

Hangup #3 - small projects. Small projects for most people are the perfect project. They should be - portable, quick, inexpensive. Those are all great features but I'm hung up on the perfect shaping required in such few rows.

I guess I'm intimidated.

Okay. It's still a little weird to say "the baby." Maybe after the ultrasound.


km said...

In the Mason Dixon Knitting book, there are some fun baby patterns that aren't intimidating at all. First, there's a denim stuff for a baby. You can't go wrong starting with some washcloths and burp rags. There's not a lot of shaping or counting even. So if you start feeling sick than you're not sickened by the complexity of the project. And Cara over at January One is knitting a "family blanket" in denim. Cute squares. There kimono was hard for me, I just couldn't seam it. I also love the One Skein book (LR's). I knit the baby bolero from there in cottontots (michael's yarn) and they turned out great. Soft, and washable, and $4.

Justshajam said...
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Justshajam said...

There is a cute Hat pattern in the last minute knitted gifts book and KM is right The Mason Dixon Book is full of ideas. Sarjartees booties on raverly too.

crafty_kat said...

Hey, don't forget about Ravelry ^_~. Do a pattern search, for baby stuff. There's a veritable ton on the site. I'm with you though, I don't like knitting for baby, either.
Anyway, good luck, hope you find something you fancy