Sunday, July 6, 2008

Wow, It's Been A Long Time, He Says

G commented on my lack of posting. Yep, it's been too long. Seriously unmotivated. Thankfully the laundry and cleaning are still getting done. Conversely, he's been on top of things. Repair to the doors and molding (former dog shut himself in the bathroom and tried to claw his way out.) Touched up the paint in the stairwell and hallway and painted the spare bathroom. So bright and fresh and clean downstairs now. Beautiful!

Peppadew Peppers - these things are awesome! And I'm having some difficulty finding them in the store. A little sweet, a little spicy. Firm, crunchy texture. Great on salads and apparently many other ways too. Originally found them, of all places, in the salad bar at Albertson's. You would think they'd have them on the shelf. Nope. The search goes on for a local source.

Oh, yeah. I picked up my knitting a few times in the last forever. Francie's (sister) MSCS is almost halfway done. I'm decreasing for the second arm on Jack's jacket, then minor assembly. The crochet border could hold me up though. After these two, I don't know. I wouldn't want to get ahead of myself.

Jack is on a nice schedule - 20 minutes sleeping 5 minutes kicking. Otherwise nothing much to speak of. Actually, the heat freaked me out a bit. Okay, a lot. A couple weeks ago it got REALLY hot really quickly (115 in the shade). So what happened? My feet swelled a little and I assumed the worst - preeclampsia. I've since talked to other moms and had an appointment. I'm fine.

Oooh! And I don't remember if I've mentioned. (I could look but, well, I'm conserving effort.) Our new OB is awesome: 1. She chimed in on the Scrubs reference to "Gyno Girls." And laughed. 2. I asked about picking up dog waste (since cat poo is off limits). "As long as you don't lick your fingers."

Shoot! I didn't mean to make this so long but I have to mention my recent baking. Bread I make in the bread maker every few weeks. Nothing new. Two different carrot cake recipes - both yummy. Pancakes from scratch - easy, I just don't do it all that often. Pizza - the crust even passed the Italian test. (G loved it) Lastly, the one that didn't turn out as expected, French Bread. Took it out of the bread maker to shape and do the second proof in the oven. Well, it didn't really take shape, turned out flat like Foccacia. Tasty though and I'll definitely make it again! Not bad for lacking motivation :)


km said...

It has been a long time. I know there will be baby photos in not too long. Just try to avoid the heat. And keep your feet up.

lauriec said...

Def. put your feet up whenever you can! Once the baby comes it will seem like such a luxury!