Saturday, July 26, 2008


Two pieces in just a couple days. This is more like it! (And an oldie at the bottom.)

Thumbless mittens for Jack.
Easy as pie and pretty soft to the touch for what I suspect is acrylic.

My So Called Scarf for my sister.
Yarn: Rio de la Plata

Close-up of my big mistake.
I K2tog instead of P2tog. Prego brain?

Now THIS is an old FO that I finally remembered to photograph. It was sitting in my photo album next to the new items above where I noticed it was in the same blue family.

Philosopher's Wool Color Your Own Cardigan

Where do I start with this one?
  • Yarn: Love it. Soft not scratchy.
  • Pattern: Okay. This is my first sweater and it looks like a sweater so it can't be that bad.
  • Fair Isle: LOVE IT!!! Philosopher's taught a a two-handed class at the craft fair where I purchased the kit. I also bought their video which was a life saver since way back then (2002?) the internet wasn't where it is today. Can't wait to pick up another Fair Isle pattern.
  • Puppy interference: My pit bull puppy at the time got into all the balls one day. Used his razor sharp puppy teeth to shred quite a few of the colors. I salvaged what I could, modified the color arrangement somewhat and it worked out. Surprisingly.
  • Hanks: This project was also my first experience with hanks. Yeah, that's how long ago I started this project.
  • Measurements: Boy are they important! Not too easy over the phone. "Mom, measure from here to here." Add that to my own inexperience with measuring my work. Wonky.
  • Needles: Bamboo circs of course. Most importantly - I forgot to change to the larger needles after the ribbing. Yeah. Rookie mistake.
  • Steaking: I did it! With the help of my mom I should mention. I had no idea what it was called when we were sewing and cutting. We both looked at each other and said, "Well, we have to trust and cut. Otherwise it's just beautiful fabric." Easy. Don't be worried at all.
  • Knitting in the round: Again, first time ever. Loved it! Would love to convert everything to knitting in the round. Sleeves and body alike.
  • Picking up stitches: Another first. Easy. Even the neck stitches picked up for the ribbed edging. Easy, well, I think I remember it being tight in places. But after that first row, no problem.
  • Blocking: Should have. I left the sweater with Mom and she took it to her LYS for some minor refinements. Not the kind of refinements that blocking would have smoothed out. I'm pretty sure she and her sister took it back to the sewing machine to "tighten up" a few sloppy areas.
I learned a lot with this sweater. As embarrassed as I was upon immediate completion, it has grown on me. A labor of love as they say. Only a Mom could love. (Which she does.) And I, as the creator, have a special love for it, too.

I am now down to 7 UFOs in my Ravelry projects. Next is both the baby bibs and baby bell bottoms. Although I really want to pick up the beach blanket. My hesitation is the stripes - I want to reorganize the colors and widths. There's a site for that if I check my bookmarks...


km said...

Yeah! FO's! Your Mom's sweater is so lovely. I need to work on finishing my UFO's but this home audio project is really eating in to my knitting time.

Claudia said...

I am SO impressed by that sweater!!!!! You're amazing! The scarf is cool and those mittens....SO adorable. :) Great job! :)