Saturday, December 20, 2008

Yay for Sleep!

Really now, what is the deal with Facebook? I'm on. It's the same as MySpace but without the lurkers and creepy guys sending messages. Meh. I'll continue on. I need another site to take up more of my time.

Knitted Christmas gifts have now become just knitted gifts:
  • Tudora for Jess
  • Market bag for Ana
  • Something I can't remember for Mom
  • A pillow for France (picking between 2 designs, will depend on my stash)
  • Hats
  • and... that might be it.
Jack is getting bigger and has finally started sleeping through the night. I can't believe I got by with so little sleep. Last weekend I got caught up on laundry, straightened and organized the upstairs and temporarily dedicated an area to blocking! Jack won't mind if Mom uses his spare bed :) My partially blocked Woven Tote is the first order of business.


Dorothy said...

Hooray for a full night's sleep! I'm sure that will make the holidays much more enjoyable!

km said...

According to the counter...he's only 11/12 weeks old. About right on track for mine to sleep through the night. You'll make it.

Now enjoy your Christmas! Don't worry about being caught up. My oldest is 7 now and I'm still not caught up. =0)

moosie said...

Thanks visiting my blog and for the nice comment! what a beautiful little boy you have! I'm having so much fun with my little babe, their so amazing. sorry to hear about your carpal tunnel not going away, I was soooo happy to get rid of that, what a knitting bummer

Caleb said...

i believe the correct way to spell Jess' gift is "turd"