Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crazy Knitting Dream

Starting somewhere near the end, here you go: I put down my plastic grocery bag which contained a knitting project, my new Palm Centro phone and a sub sandwich. I went back down the street to get my mom and sister who were lagging but when we got to the bag it was gone. I was looking around for it on the sly as we entered the bank/hospital. Who would take my knitting? Who would WANT my knitting? We get to the empty classroom to wait for something and one of the nurses asked me what was wrong. I flipped out. Seriously. Flying around the room and screaming like a banshee. Yes, literally flying. Flew out into the lobby for some more screaming to a new audience and eventually got back to my feet. (I'm astonished I didn't start screaming in my sleep.)

All because I couldn't find my knitting bag. At one point I even screamed, "It's 90% completed!!!" (Ravelry influence). Notice this was all because of my knitting. I hadn't even realized that my new fancy dancy phone was missing too. Later on in the dream I asked a lost and found clerk and she pulled out a sub. "Uh, here. You can have this one." I didn't care about a freaking sub!

On to reality, there's been some requests for this really cute picture of Jack ;) At 9 wks he's 14lbs 3oz, but here he is at 7 wks when grandma and grandpa were visiting:


emily said...

Adorable. That's all I have to say. And yes, I'm referring to Jack, not your banshee dream :)

Cass www.shutupimcounting.com said...

OHMYGOSH I think I just spontaneously ovulated- he's so cute!!!