Sunday, August 17, 2008

Chocolate + Bugs

Yummmm! I made another personal chocolate cake tonight. I used Dove chocolates instead of chocolate chips (worked), added chopped white baking chocolate (fine) and doused the final concoction in Dilettante Ephemere Sauce. Love the stuff! I'll have to pick up some more when I visit in a couple weeks. You can order online but... that will work someday when I'm in a pinch. Speaking of Dilettante though, I don't think I've had anything from them that wasn't amazing. Even the cafe' on Capitol Hill was incredible, ambiance included.

Soooo as I was joyfully making my chocolate delight my dog became very interested in the patio door. No biggie. She's almost 10 and acts like a mature puppy. Prancing, hunting, jumping then falling asleep in seconds. It would have been more like her to be in the kitchen staring but it didn't occur to me. She started coughing, hacking like a cat with a furball. I looked up and there was a big BUG on the wall next to her. Huuuuuge! 2.5 inch leg span maybe? Scorpion?? "WHAT'S THAT ON THE WALL??!!" G runs over and smashes it with a shoe. Later he said I could have just said, "Could you come kill this bug on the wall?" Really? Cuz I don't think I could have said that.

G looked it up online. It's a Wind Scorpion. Wanna see it? No poison, eats cockroaches, spiders, scorpions and whatever else I don't like. But it looks awful!

Jack's doing just fine. Head down, feet in my ribs, 7 more weeks. Me - mostly fine. Heartburn sucks, sleep is periodically difficult, it's getting harder to move and breathe. Today I just feel huge. Water started to taste horrible about a week ago. The OB suggested a pitcher of water in the fridge with some cut up fruit. Worked like a charm with strawberries! I have to keep my feet up as much as possible to avoid the swelling. Great fun - I think my back hurts more because of it. And I have permission to fly to Seattle for Labor Day weekend. Need to see the family, everyone is going to be there. I arrive on my sister's birthday so I started a tote for her. We'll see how far I get. The family will be getting assorted totes for Christmas now that they have the new plastic bag fee.


Dorothy said...

Oh, those last few weeks are no fun! Enjoy your visit with your family!

lauriec said...

Bless your heart, being so big in the late summer!

Enjoy your visit!!

km said...

You're almost there. I hope your time with family is wonderful.

I have that tote in my queue. It's next on my list after I finish the BYOB.