Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pics Upon Pics

It seems that I am WAAAAY behind on posting pics! 2 months maybe? Wow - well here you go :)

Starting with my first Ravelry swap, from the Cup Of Tea group. A nice selection of teas, a purple cup (yay!) and yarn I'll probably double with something for a scarf, all courtesy of Marlyn.

Here's my November Colorswap package from Heather. The yarn is her own handspun and it's just to-die-for soft. Never felt anything like it. I think the chocolate was gone in minutes. Hehehe

Heather also sent these awesome stitch markers of varying sizes ;) that need a close-up:

The first of my three man hats, the Basic Cable Hat (Ravelry link) from Stitch N Bitch Nation in Patons Classic Wool Merino. Trouble but not difficult. I'll explain. I was apparently so excited remembering how to cable that I forgot how to count to 3. Does this hat look a little short? Why yes! It's missing one cable repeat. (That's my mom's frog, BTW. How perfect that it was sitting on her counter when I gave in to frogging.)

Post-frogging. Hmm. I must mention that this is the first ever project that was completed and then frogged. (And just the second I've frogged to any considerable degree. I'm kind of stubborn.) All that said, I'm not sure that I remembered ALL the details to creating cables. A few places look a little weird. And then there's the ribbing that somehow looks funky. What's going on there, Urs?

G modeled both the too-small version and the final version. No pics of the pre-frogged piece - it just was not right. I'm happy I frogged otherwise it wouldn't have been wearable by an adult. Mods on subsequent versions 1. More rows of ribbing 7-10, 2. Change ribbing to 2x2 so it "melts" into the body of the pattern better, 3. Add an extra cable repeat so it covers the ears, 4. Make one for me before the other 2 guys :)

My final FO of 2007, a ballband swiffer cover (Ravelry link with my project :)) in lime green and purple. Free pattern is here.

First FO of 2008, Calorimetry using Patons Wool Merino on 8s, should have used 7s. Will be doing another with the remaining skein. It's a bit big and for my big head that actually means huge. FH tonight likened it to a retro (80's?) ski "hat." Oooh! I like that! (Excuse my morning hair and glasses that don't leave the house - I was determined to get pics no matter what.)

Lastly, I started the Lizard Ridge Afghan today, block version. I'm using Noro Silk Garden Lite on 7s instead of regular SG as my LYS only stocks Lite and Bulky. Going okay, just trying to perfect the wrap and turn of the short row. (It's not hard, I'm just tired.)

And that's it until my family sends pics of the gifts I made them for Christmas. Yes, shame on me for not taking pics beforehand. Apparently I was waaaay behind as mentioned waaaay above.


Cass said...

I love the cabled hat! Looks great! And I've been coveting that tea cup for eons- it's so purty!

km said...

M wants a cabled hat too...of course he asked for 2 colors. This year is moving too fast for me already. I still feel behind from Christmas too.