Thursday, January 31, 2008

Logic Is Just Not Me...Today

All right now. I'm back. First, I've got this little tidbit for you: Go check out the contest on Tami's blog. 100 posts, way to go.

Second, I have freed myself of having to read all blogs I come across. (Knitting of course, not ALL of them.) What this means to all of you is that I can blog again. Never you mind that it doesn't make sense because filling in the blanks requires more of my "logic."

This weekend is an off weekend - racing not knitting. Last weekend he finally got his bike back from the shop (blew the motor back in Dec.) It rained ALL day Sunday and he got out on the track anyway. Partly because he was instructing, partly because he got to ride his bike finally. Despite the rain I stayed warm and dry thanks to my Eddie Bauer down-lined rain jacket. Impervious! Come to think of it, the weather was exactly like Seattle. Ahhh. It was a beautiful day :) Except in Seattle at that time it was snowing.

My LYS is having a Super Sale in honor of the Super Bowl. Which BTW is being held here in Phx. That blows. Football is fine as long as I don't have to watch much or at all. It's not football it's traffic. Ugh. Also at the same time is the FBR Open (You may have known it as the Phoenix Open until the sponsor stepped in and confused everyone.) I head west I run into football traffic, east for golf traffic. Both events are week-long ordeals in case you didn't know. Tomorrow's evening commute will be... Soooo the LYS has up to 50% off a bunch of awesome yarn. I checked out all the Noro but none I had to have right now (and none for 50% off). Lots of goodies but I only picked up two balls of Noro SGL for the Lizard Ridge blanket I started. LOTS of fun! Not even on sale darnit!

I'm frogging a pair of anklets I started on the wrong yarn. Just thought you'd like to know.


km said...

I totally get the not having time to post. But, I've missed reading your racing stories. Oh, and the knitting too. I've ment to email. And that's like the not posting. I think that potty training has just left me with no time to type. Glad to see you back.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! It's too late now but you could have escaped to the beach. There are t.v.'s here!