Thursday, May 29, 2008

Unexplained Absence

I can't believe my blogging has dropped off so dramatically. Well, I suppose I could list my excuses... Okay:

  • Wedding - This is a big reason. G and I were married this past weekend, May 24th. I termed it the beach wedding in the desert. I'll post pics tomorrow (Seriously, tomorrow. They're already in my photobucket album. No excuses.)
  • - The worst reason ever but a HUGE time warp. I spend hours trying out all the games before my trial membership expires this weekend. Although I must admit, I'm going to sign up regardless. G likened it to heroin. I think he's right. My rationale is that once the baby arrives I will not have any "gaming" time so I'm getting it ALL in right now.
  • Prego brain - I think it's setting in. The words aren't coming so easily anymore. Short sentences. All I can manage. Grammar?
  • Tired - What could be making me so tired? Pregnancy - Sure, that's valid. Work - Yep, I've been working late most nights. Come home and its dinner, TV, bed. Gaming - Really? Staring intently at the screen, rapidly clicking, gaining points, earning badges. No, I don't think that's it.
One big thing missing from that list: Knitting. Almost nothing to speak of. I took a trip up to Seattle so my MSCS came with me. Doubled in size, about half-way through. The baby sweater is limping along. After picking up the Rio de la Plata for the MSCS, I know why. Acrylic garter stitch couldn't be any more boring.

Big news for today though.... Ultrasound! As long as Baby cooperates we're going to find out the sex today! New OB by the way. Crossing my fingers that we like this one. The last Dr. should have been a Kindergarten teacher judging by the way she talked to me. (Apologies to any K teachers out there. I adore teachers and respect their career. Actually considering it myself... another post.) Maybe she was a better choice for very young moms. Not me - 35 and married, let's converse like adults. Lastly, she wouldn't look G in the eyes. That was it. So today we meet the new Dr. who will deliver our baby. Hoping for the best!


km said...

I can't wait to hear Boy or Girl. I'm so excited for you. The wedding photos were great. You look so happy.

emily said...

I concur with the short sentences and lack of wordly inspiration ... sadly, I'm still there 11 months postpartum :)

Hope the doctor is better today. With this, I can also relate. I'm quite impatient with the medical profession these days. But can't wait to hear your news! And see the wedding pics ...

lauriec said...


Cannot wait to hear what you're having and good luck w/ the new doc!

Gianni said...

I can't believe our former OB wouldn't look me in the eyes...I know I am bit of an acquired taste....but jeeeeez.... LOL

Claudia said...

I play over at all the time! If you really do join up, let me know your name and we can chat from time to time, if you'd like. That's very cool. :)